Acute Leukemia Global Summit


ALAN works to ensure that the global summit includes topics of importance to the acute leukemia patient community and provided a unique opportunity for participants to share experiences and best practices. We hope that as a result of this meeting patient groups globally will improve their capacity to meet the needs of their constituents and optimize their advocacy activities.

In 2020, 2021 and 2022, due to the pandemic, the Acute Leukemia Global Summit took place virtually with participants from all over the world. It was dedicated to the development of its members as patient advocates and dealt with important topics for acute leukemia patients and carers. We finally could have a F2F in May 2023.


ALAN hold its first global summit in 2023, which was attended by more than 40 participants from more than 35 countries who attended the event in person.

The ALAN global summit was dedicated to the development of ALAN members as patient advocates (established organisations and individual advocates) and dealt with important topics for acute leukemia patients and carers, with a mix of medical and advocacy sessions.

Although the ALAN global summit offered the opportunity to support and facilitate the quality of education, provided opportunities to be able to exchange ideas, interact and share best practice and provided a platform to start networking across borders and build alliances, it also became clear that there is a need for regional in person meetings.

Therefore in 2024, we are aiming to organize:

  • Region EU meeting in June 2024
  • Region LATAM meeting in Q4 2024
  • Region North America meeting in December 2024





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Overview of ALAN and future projects: Overview of ALAN and future projects

Medical session: Medical session

Advocacy session: Advocacy session


Overview of ALAN and future projects and Medical session (part on AML) :

Medical session (part on ALL) :

Advocacy session (presentations and panel discussion):