2023 ALAN Global Summit

May 12, 2023

ALAN Global Summit took place from5th to 7th May 2023, in Frankfurt (Germany). More than 40 participants from more than 35 countries attended the event in person.

A welcome and introduction by Zack Pemberton-Whiteley, Chair of ALAN, kicked off the first day. We went around the room and asked each participant to introduce themselves and tell us something about them that people did not know.

ALAN Summit_Agenda

ALAN Summit_Introduction

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Then, Prof. Philippe Rousselot from France went through a very comprehensive presentation on ALL, from the basics of the disease and symptoms to the complexity of the treatment landscape but also shared some very interesting and promising advances.

ALAN Summit_Medical session ALL

ALAN Summit_Graphic notes_ALL

We then talked about World Leukemia Day and #BeLeukemiaAware campaigns. Zack and Samantha shared information about the important of awareness days and the plans for the 4th of September. We discussed available resources but also new resources coming. We also brainstormed during a “snowball fight” about ideas and what members would like to see in the future!

ALAN Summit_World Leukemia Day

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We ended the day with a chair yoga session led by Samantha.

The second day began with a very timely medical session on AML. Prof. Giovanni Marconi presented an overview of AML and deep dive into treatment landscape and research that is currently being undertaken.

ALAN Summit_Medical session AML

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We then went into financial management, with Jan Geissler, who gave us concrete tips and examples.

ALAN Summit_Financial Management
ALAN Summit_Graphic notes_Financial Management

In the afternoon, we had various lively group discussions. We first started with table discussions followed by a panel discussion moderated by Dr Tamas Bereczky on the topic of understanding and reflecting on the possible future directions of patient involvement in drug development. We then split into regional groups to discuss access, clinical, organizational and practical issues and solutions across the various regions. The conversations were summarized to everyone in a plenary session.

ALAN Summit_Patient Involvement in Drug Development

ALAN Summit_Regional Breakouts

ALAN Summit_Graphic notes_Pt involvement in drug dev.

ALAN Summit_Graphic notes_Regional sessions

The final day kicked off with a session dedicated to Healthcare ecosystem and stakeholder management led by Tamas Bereczky.

ALAN Summit_Healthcare system and stakeholders management

ALAN Summit_Graphic notes_Healthcare ecosystem

Zack and Samantha closed the ALAN Global Summit by giving a quick overview of ALAN’s plans in the coming weeks and with a warm thanks to all attendees. It was a truly wonderful event, and everyone involved showed their ongoing passion and commitment to the acute leukemia community.

ALAN Summit_Closing

Thank you to all !


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