Pasusant Wattanaboonya
Steering Committee Member

I am a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) patient living with CML for almost 26 years now.

After graduated from commercial college 40 years ago, I worked for some multi-national companies. At present, I am doing my freelance job and working as a volunteer for 2 patient advocacy groups, a committee of Thai CML Patient Group and Founder of MPN Patient Advocacy Group Thailand.

The biggest lesson in my life so far was to confront blood cancer in 1997, and then to leave behind that chapter in my life and moved on to a new period in life. I know that thousands of people are newly diagnosed with blood cancer in my country, Thailand and they have a dire and desperate needs for the motivation and the strength to fight it. From this perspective, I feel responsible to educate myself about blood cancers and become an active Patient Advocate.