Marine Tullet

Graduated from EMLyon Business School, Marine is working as Data Analytics Lead in the Educational Industry aiming at fighting against illiteracy. With 8 years of experience, her domain of expertise are Analytics to bring insights, Impact Measurements and Data Governance.

She started dedicating herself in Patient Advocacy when her brother was diagnosed with AML in 2021. After he received a terminal diagnosis, Marine decided to deeply investigate the world of clinical trials and compassionate use, interacting with pharmaceutical companies, hematologists and health authorities to understand legal constraints and find options.

Based on her story and after an advanced training from WECAN Academy, Marine now decided to bring her knowledge into Patient Advocacy with a strong wish in making Research, Tooling & Data more accessible to everyone, improving Patient Inclusion in Clinical Trials and Caregivers Inclusion in the patient lifecycle. She recently animated with ALAN a webinar for caregivers to help them in their daily fight and worked with Leukemia Care to spread her story.