Gereon Mänzel
Steering Committee Member

Gereon is a former MDS patient. He was diagnosed in 2012. He had a stem cell transplant in 2015 and had to have another transplant in 2019 due to a relapse.

Gereon is a software developer by profession and has spent many years developing hospital information systems. However, due to the effects of the two stem cell transplants, Gereon retired from his profession.

 Due to his illness, Gereon joined Leukemia Help RHEIN-MAIN e.V. (a german patient group for patients with blood and lymph system diseases). Gereon has been actively involved in the board as treasurer since 2021. In the LHRM, he heads the MDS patient interest group, which is one of the largest supra-regional MDS patient groups in Germany. He also runs groups for patients with AML and stem cell transplants and their relatives.

Gereon has also been a member of the MDS Alliance Steering Committee since 2021.

 In Germany, the National Center for Tumor Diseases, a research alliance of university hospitals that aims to raise cancer research in all areas to a new level, has been in existence for several years. Patient participation is also an important part of this. Gereon is a representative on the Patient Advisory Board of the NCT/UCC Dresden and a member of the NCT’s National Patient Research Council.