Cheryl Petruk
Steering Committee Member

Cheryl A. Petruk is a multifaceted professional whose career spans across patient advocacy, business, and post-secondary education, showcasing her dedication to making a significant impact in each of these areas. With an empathetic heart, keen business acumen, and a passion for teaching, Cheryl has built a reputation for excellence in her endeavours, leaving a lasting mark on those she has worked with and served.

It is necessary to educate and inspire others. From the onset, Cheryl demonstrated an exceptional ability to synthesize information from these fields, preparing her for a diverse career path.

Patient Advocacy

Cheryl’s transition into patient advocacy was driven by a passion from her family circumstances and a deep commitment to ensuring patients’ rights and access to care. In this capacity, Cheryl has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the healthcare system, patients, and pharma stakeholders, ensuring that patients’ voices are heard and their needs are met. Her work involves collaborating with Stakeholders and Patient Advocacy Organizations, lobbying for patient centricity, and providing patient support and guidance. Cheryl’s empathetic approach and dedication to advocacy have made her a respected figure in this field, admired by patients, healthcare professionals, and fellow advocates.

Post-secondary Educator

Leveraging her vast experience in business and patient advocacy, Cheryl has also made significant contributions as a post-secondary educator. She teaches curricula in business management, healthcare administration, not-for-profit programs, and patient advocacy courses, drawing on her real-world experiences to enrich her teaching. Cheryl’s classrooms are dynamic spaces where students are encouraged to engage critically with course material and apply their learning to solve complex problems. Her dedication to education is evident in her innovative teaching methods, commitment to student success, and the development of curriculum that prepares students for the challenges of the modern workforce.’

Today, Cheryl leads Heal Canada, an organization dedicated to Patient Advocacy on a national and international level, advocating for Patient Empowerment, Engagement and Education.  Cheryl also leads and is their lead faculty member at  CACHEducation, Patient Advocacy Training.