Spotlight on ALAN members

December 5, 2023

In 2023, with ALAN support, some of our members have been able to start and/or complete projects which benefit acute leukemia patients and their families. We are very grateful that our support could contribute to make these projects happen.

Aim: Provide an educational kit on bone marrow transplantation (BMT) to patients over 18 years of age, diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Number of kits: 1,000 units

1.Educational booklet on BMT prepared from the vision and needs of the patient. It includes an analogy with a garden of plants to better explain the procedure.

2.Animated educational video (3 – 4 min) that explains BMT clearly and simply through analogy. The video can be accessed through a QR code inserted in the primer.

3.Diary to capture emotions, feelings, achievements, dreams and the most important events during the hospitalization process. View it here: Diary

4.Schedule of activities so that patients can plan their activities during hospitalization. Isolation is often hard to bear, but planning simple, motivating activities will help you get through this time.

5.Hobby book with word searches, crossword puzzles, riddles and more fun games related to acute leukemia and other topics of interest

6.Explanatory video capsules by a BMT specialist, who answers frequently asked questions from patients such as those related to the apheresis process, or graft versus host disease.

7.Video capsules of transplant patients where they share recommendations, experiences and messages of trust

Project summary: Project BMT toolkit

Aim: Donation of materials to San Juan de Dios hospitals and World Leukemia Day 


1.Educational talks on Leukemia, chronic, acute, advanced phases, transplant, nutrition and cancer, importance of PCR, adherence etc


3.Donations in medicines, disposable medical supplies (nitrile gloves, syringes, disposable gowns for medical personnel, blood transfusion bags , laboratory and blood bank materials), wheelchairs, digital scales, digital thermometers, hospital desinfection kit, cloth gowns for examination, gifts for patients and doctors.

Aim: Cancer control through awareness, patient support and advocacy – a multifaceted approach

1.Rebuild the community by inviting the patients in the ward to join, so that they can maintain contact and close peer support even after leaving the hospital

2.Engage a psychologist to talk to the patients individually

3.Continuous medical education for health workers on Leukemia – HENZO Kenya is working closely with the Kenya Network of Cancer Organization (KENCO) in offering webinars on leukemia.

4.Printing and distribution of AML/ALL materials: Over 10,000 booklets developed and distributed to a number of cancer treatment centers across the country

5.Commemoration of annual leukemia days/months – HENZO Kenya has taken advantage of the hype created by national/international cancer commemoration days/months to accelerate creation of awareness on leukemia especially through mainstream media slots.

6.Advocacy to ensure availability of cancer services: Universal Health Coverage is being rolled out nationally. UHC favours early detection and treatment. The Government plans to restructure the National Hospital Insurance Fund to provide cover for screening and diagnostics, currently not being offered.

7.Support to acute leukemia patients: A number of acute leukemia patients have been assisted with accommodation costs support, and NHIF premiums payment support, psycho-social counseling to support patients individually who are admitted in the National Hospital (KNH), set up of a support group.

Project summary: Project cancer control

Aim: Raise awareness and expand the access to information about acute leukemia

Summer Information Booths: During the summer, information booths were organized at various locations to raise awareness about leukemia. These booths served as platforms to educate the public about the disease, its symptoms, and available treatment options. Additionally, we provided opportunities for blood donation and bone marrow registration

Unfortunately, the project has faced some challenges in recent months. A scandal involving theft and illegal sale of cancer treatment/therapy has emerged, leading to the director’s decision to ban hematologists from speaking at events, educational videos, and TV appearances. This unexpected development has disrupted all planned activities and forced us to postpone certain project initiatives.

Activities are rescheduled for late winter and these activities will include educational seminars, awareness campaigns, and TV appearances events. We believe that by resuming our efforts, we can effectively raise awareness about leukemia and provide support to those in need.

Project summary: Project: leukemia awareness

Aim: translation in arabic of materials

Aim: leukemia material in czech