ALAN is involved in T2EVOLVE project – Accelerating the Development and Improving Access to CAR and TCR engineered T cell therapy

T2EVOLVE is a new breakthrough alliance of academic and industry leaders in cancer immunotherapy under the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

The key objective of T2EVOLVE is to accelerate development and increase awareness and access of cancer patients to immunotherapy with immune cells that harbor a genetically engineered T cell receptor (TCR) or synthetic chimeric antigen receptor (CAR). Simultaneously, T2EVOLVE aims to provide guidance on sustainable integration of these treatment into the EU healthcare system.

The clinical development of engineered T-cell treatments is moving ahead and the EU has already approved this therapy for the treatment of leukemia. Despite its potential to cure many types of cancers and other infectious or autoimmune diseases, the translation into clinical trials and entry into the EU market is slow and lagging behind other regions. There is a lack of (1) standardized safety and efficacy prediction models, (2) strategies for optimal patient conditioning, and (3) customized manufacturing, release, and monitoring schemes.

Goals of the T2EVOLVE consortium

  1. Optimize pre-clinical models for safety and efficacy prediction
  2. Define gold standard patient monitoring methods
  3. Select optimal lymphodepletion regimens to improve therapy reception
  4. Produce Good Medical Practice guidance and establish standard product profiles
  5. Integrate patient stakeholders and improve patient experience
  6. Expand patient access

This 5-years project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875171.

Involvement in Work Package 2

ALAN will be involved in the creation and implementation of materials dedicated to educating patients and their families as well as a wide range of resources for healthcare professionals.

Further information on the project is  available on the website www.t2evolve.eu