Maxi Vida (Chile)

Maxi Vida is a group of patients and relatives of patients with different types of leukemia (CML, AML, CLL and ALL) and gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) who come together to support each other and strengthen each other in their daily struggle to achieve a better quality of life .

Maxi-Vida Chile supports patients and their relatives by offering information about the disease and the treatments, putting them in contact with each other, having regular meetings and group activities, and providing assistance in defending their rights.

Maxi-Vida works from various aspects to fulfill and follows the vision and mission that,  as a corporation they have set:

    Maxi-Vida is part of networks of social organizations both internationally and nationally. This in order to know and apply other good practices in health, share their own experiences and improve their work.
    Through the “Angels for Life” campaign, they seek funding to continue their programs and activities.
    In alliance with other organizations, especially cancer patient groups, they seek to influence decision-making and the creation of public policies that directly affect the quality of the health service at the national level.
    Through digital campaigns, they want to inform, support, contain and guide patients and families about the process from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.
    Their focus on the patient give them a distinctive stamp, the number one goal is to help, within their possibilities, all patients and families who seek some type of help and information (medical or legal).
    The purpose of having Regional Directors is to decentralize the corporation and have the presence of patients who are able to help, respond and guide more quickly, but at the same time precisely, whoever needs it within their region. Regional Directors are a tremendous contribution as leaders in their region, as they provide companionship and support to each patient in need.