Bekämpa Foundation Ecuador (Ecuador)

Bekämpa Foundation Ecuador (FBK) is an organization for leukemia patients in Ecuador. The FBK serves as a resource for patients and their families to be able to protect their rights and obtain access to health, medicine and treatments. As an organization it was established by patients and it is run by patients and carers.

The foundation has among its purposes primarily, that of proposing and executing programs and services aimed at cooperation, assistance, collaboration, procurement, emotional and practical support as well as organizing, disseminating, promoting talks, forums, meetings, aimed at promoting the health, in order to:

  • develop personal health skills,
  • develop favorable environments,
  • reinforce community action,
  • reorient health services and
  • promote healthy public policies, disease prevention, essentially activities that allow health literacy aimed at improving knowledge of the population and the development of personal skills that lead to improved health.