ALAN Advocate Development Program (ADP) is kicking off on 10th December 2020 !

November 26, 2020

In November 2020, we have finalized the recruitment of 8 advocates from all over the world, with a very good mix of experiences and profiles.

The ADP is now about to start. To find out what is an ADP and its objectives, please click here.

During one year, candidates will have to :

  • attend 9 webinars
  • attend 3 virtual training meetings
  • do some homework for ongoing assessments
  • prepare for final assessment

Planned schedule:

Webinar 1 10 Dec 20 Kick-off: overview on the ADP, and why are we advocates.
General discussion and homework related to ASH.
Webinar 2 14 Jan 21 Acute leukemia big picture (biology and clinical mechanisms of the disease), current treatment landscape, clinical challenges, current guidelines.
Recap on ASH.
New acute leukemia cancer data at ASH, plus virtual poster and session walk.
Webinar 3 18 Feb 21 How clinical development works, the drug development process, and why patient involvement matters.
Webinar 4 11 Mar 21 Key elements of clinical trials protocols and study endpoints
Reading scientific papers and posters
Webinar 5 15 Apr 21 Statistics and why they matter to advocacy.
Webinar 6 20 May 21 Preparation for EHA: What’s in store?
Virtual Congress meeting / training 23 Jun 21 Update on research pipeline in acute leukaemia, data presented at EHA, and virtual poster/session walks.
Training: Basics of medicines licensing (EMA, FDA), post-marketing processes.
Webinar 7 22 Jul 21 Levels of evidence, and evidence-based patient advocacy.
Virtual Congress meeting/ training 16 Sep 21 Training:
Pharmacoeconomics, HTA and access
Basics of drug pricing
Webinar 8 14 Oct 21 The importance of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and Quality of Life, and PRO instruments used in AML/ALL.
Webinar 9 25 Nov 21 Working with industry & Community Advisory Boards (CABs)
Virtual Congress meeting / training 16 Dec 21 Close-out and summary.
Recap on ASH.
New acute leukemia cancer data at ASH, plus virtual poster and session walk.
Your future as patient advocates.

We look forward to starting the ADP !