Highlights from EHA and more !

July 14, 2021

Focus on ALL 

Highlights from EHA – Speaker: Dr Tobias Menne

Presentation: Highlights of EHA- ALL

Pediatric ALL – Speaker: Anita Kienesberger, CCI Europe

Presentation: ALL in children and teens

Focus on AML

Highlights from EHA – Speaker: Dr Manos Nikolousis

Presentation: EHA Highlights – AML – Dr Manos Nikolousis

Secondary AML and MDS – Speaker Prof. Moshe Mittelman

Presentation: Secondary AML and MDS

Focus on APL

Introduction into APL – Speaker Prof. Richard Dillon

Presentation: Introduction to APL

Focus on CAR-T

CAR-T : what’s new ? – Speaker: Dr Amit Patel

Presentation: to come


If there are any questions on any of the topics presented, please feel free to contact Samantha samantha@acuteleuk.org and we’ll follow up with the speaker(s) !