September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

June 1, 2023

Blood Cancer Awareness Month was established to increase public understanding of blood cancers and to raise awareness about the need for improved treatments, early diagnosis, and increased funding for research.

Since its inception, Blood Cancer Awareness Month has grown in popularity and is now recognized annually in many countries. During the month, organizations and individuals come together to raise awareness, share their experiences, and advocate for increased funding and support for those affected by blood cancers.

The success of Blood Cancer Awareness Month has led to increased public understanding of these diseases and has helped to raise the profile of the need for increased funding and resources for research, treatment, and care for those affected by blood cancers.

Get involved

During the month of September, one way to raise awareness of blood cancer is to promote and participate in Blood Cancer Awareness Month within your own communities, such as in your workplace or on social media. To help you get involved, various resources are available for download from our supporters, including digital resources, posters, and social media tiles.

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