ALAN is a member of WECAN, an informal network of leaders of cancer patient umbrella organisations active in Europe.

WECAN mission is to act as a well-coordinated cancer patient community towards all stakeholders by building levels of trust, collaboration, alignment and mutual support between pan-European cancer patient umbrella organisations.


  • to improve outcomes for all cancer patients
  • to collaborate, align and develop joint projects/actions
  • to strengthen cancer advocacy in Europe
  • to share workload when contributing to different stakeholder initiatives
  • to provide resources for cancer patient organisations


Projects and Initiatives

One of the most exciting and beneficial elements of WECAN is the potential for true collaboration across the European cancer community.

WECAN provides a platform for coordination and collaboration. We enable long-term benefits for the cancer patient community and stakeholders through shared goals, learning, and development.

More here: https://wecanadvocate.eu/projects-and-initiatives/

WECAN Academy

There is no shortcut to knowledge. To be able to advocate for patients in all different areas of need – e.g. patient care, healthcare policy or research – more effectively and to grow a new generation of advocacy leaders, patient advocates need to continuously build their skills and expertise in those areas.

One of WECAN’s key objectives is to increase the capacity and number of well-trained patient advocates and patient experts in order to further grow a community of activists across the community that can induce change in healthcare, and more specifically, in cancer.

The WECAN Academy educates patient advocates on the three knowledge pillars “Advocacy Tools & Skills”, “Healthcare Systems, Policy and Access,” and “Research and Data”.

Check the full educational program here: https://wecanadvocate.eu/academy/

For more information: www.wecanadvodate.eu