Leukemia Patient and Carer Experience Survey

The questionnaire is about diagnosis, care and treatment for leukemia, with the purpose of provding information to help understand the key issues, experiences, and unmet needs for leukemia patients and their carers.


In 2018, ALAN successfully ran the Global Quality of Life Survey, collecting over 500 responses from around the world. The results have been presented at numerous conferences as abstracts and posters and it informed our policy work.

This year, ALAN, CLLAN and CMLAN are collaborating to build a global picture of the experiences of people with ALL, AML CLL and CML and their carers, friends and family. Our aim is to understand the key issues, experiences and unmet needs for leukemia patients.


  • Highlight the key issues, experiences, and unmet needs for leukemia patients and their carers.
  • Explore diagnosis, care and treatment for leukemia, collecting evidence in relation to experience and quality of life.
  • Create further evidence to identify and communicate the varying levels of information, care and support available for patients and caregivers
  • Aid patient advocates and advocacy groups to inform and influence stakeholder communities, industry, and policy makers.

2021 / 2022 Patients and carers survey

We had respondents from 2629 leukemia patients and 571 carers from 79 countries.


Global Leukemia Experience Survey_Executive Summary

Global Leukemia Experience Survey_Full Report


2023 Patients and carers survey 

The survey is now open for leukemia patients and carers:

This questionnaire can be answered by anyone aged 18 and above directly or indirectly affected by a diagnosis of leukemia, whether this is somebody who has received a diagnosis or who is / has been a carer to someone with a diagnosis. Two question sets have been designed, one for patients, and one for carers. Each of these surveys will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Survey link: https://bit.ly/GlobalLeukemiaExperienceSurvey2023

This year we partnered with Picker.

For more information about Picker, please visit www.picker.org.