Taiwan Bone Marrow Transplantation Association (Taiwan)

Taiwan Bone Marrow Transplantation (TBMTA) is a patient group with members of patients and patients families holding seminars in northern, central and southern Taiwan to provide education and updated knowledge about blood-related cancers, therapy, new medicines (TKI for CML) and how to care for patients during and after therapy.

TBMTA  offers telephone hot-line services and face-to-face consultations. non-medical questions will be answered by volunteers and/or social workers. Medical related professional questions will be transferred to professional doctors and/or pharmacy vendor health care hotline.

TBMTA also offers on-site consultant service in professor clinic rooms in hospital. TBMTA volunteer team arranges well-trained and experienced volunteers in professor clinic rooms in hospital to listen to professors together with patients. Whenever patients need, volunteers can explain into details with easy-to-understand language to patients and patient families.