LÖSEV (Turkey)

LÖSEV Health and Education Foundation for Children with Leukemia is a non-governmental (NGO) and a non-profit foundation that has been providing support for more than 70.000 children with leukemia and cancer, adult cancer patients, and their families since 1998.

Our aim in establishing LÖSEV is to help provide all kinds of needs of children with leukemia and blood diseases, especially health and education, as well as to establish and operate treatment, training and research institutions at the national level on hereditary and acquired blood diseases

Each year 200.000 people receive cancer diagnosis and every year a city full of people perish. Unfortunately, treatment centers are inadequate in the face of this increase and treatment success chance decrease. Due to this reason, we constructed Europe’s most modern and well-equipped oncology city which serves in all branches from oncology to eye diseases, from cardiology to radiation all units.

Within this framework, as a non-profit NGO who provides all services totally free of charge to our children and families,

  • Education Centers for Children with Leukemia help children compensate for missing school terms due to the intensive treatment. LÖSEV School has opened its doors in 2008, where 200 students receive education under the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education.
  • LÖSEV has established a Village for Children with Leukemia to ease the pressure on families.
  • LÖSEV provides complementary treatment at LÖSANTE Children and Adult’s Hospital. Intensive treatment, accommodation, and meals are completely free of charge for the patients and the accompanying mother
  • LÖSEV gives priority to provide social and permanent services in all its activities; thus, has been carrying out Vocational Training Courses for leukemia and cancer survivors as well as the mothers of children with leukemia.