Canadian MPN Research Foundation (Canada)

The canadian mpn research foundation (cmpnrf) works together with

  • the canadian mpn network and
  • the mpn canada (canadian mpn physician group)

to provide the mpn community with up-to-date information on mpns treatment and research initiatives as well as connecting canadian patients to a local and national support group.

The cmpnrf is a leader and innovative organization whose mission is to stimulate new and ongoing research initiatives for the mpn blood cancers and to ensure the patient voice is connected to the research initiatives.

MPN patients will transform from MF (Myelofibrosis) to AML and it is important for MPN Community to understand all the phases of the disease to be able to communicate to theMPN community.  With the advances in therapy in AML, and the treatment options available now, to manage the disease, AML is not such a daunting diagnosis after MF, and being able to communicate this information to our MF patients is very important.  Most MF patients when they learn of their progression to AML, are very discouraged because of the progression.