ALAN is a member of WECAN, an informal network of leaders of cancer patient umbrella organisations active in Europe.

WECAN mission is to act as a well-coordinated cancer patient community towards all stakeholders by building levels of trust, collaboration, alignment and mutual support between pan-European cancer patient umbrella organisations.


  • to improve outcomes for all cancer patients
  • to collaborate, align and develop joint projects/actions
  • to strengthen cancer advocacy in Europe
  • to share workload when contributing to different stakeholder initiatives
  • to provide resources for cancer patient organisations

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Course : Patients in Publications

Patient advocates need to publish their own research and survey data, and are invited to be co-authors or peer-reviewers. WECAN and Envision Pharma Group have created an open-access course trains patient advocates on how to engage in publications.

What does it cover?

This course will help you to assess, plan, and publish research in a peer-reviewed journal. You will explore case studies and learn tips from experts.

Key learning outcomes

  • Assessing the likelihood of publishing research
  • Understanding key stages in the publication process
  • Identifying guidelines on good publication practices
  • Planning a publication, estimating the time required
  • Selecting a suitable journal
  • Authoring a publication, working with publishing professionals
  • Understanding the peer-review process
  • Reviewing and submitting a publication
  • Raising awareness about a publication

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GDPR and data protection in patient advocacy

Our current data protection laws were created when the internet was in its infancy, before the advent of social media and when nobody had heard the term ‘big data’. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will modernise and overhaul the legal framework for privacy and the protection of personal data across the EU. An issue of great importance also for patient and patient organisations data.

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